Accommodation Contract


Landlord (hereinafter referred to as "landlord") & Tenant (hereinafter referred to as "tenant")

Information about the landlord/tenant

Information Landlord

Company contact person: OSTENRIED FINANCIAL CONSULTING, Alfred Ostenried

Address of the lessor: Lerchenweg 22, D-87666 Pforzen, Germany

Contact details: email / mobile phone: , +49-163-1376670

Information Tenant

Company or first and last name: __________________________________________________________________________

Contact person (if company): ____________________________________________________________________________

Tenant's address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Guest 1 Date of Birth: _________________________________________

Guest 1 identity card no. (Passport number.) ______________________

rental period

Start of rental period: ____________________, check-in: from ____ o'clock

End of rental period: _____________________, checkout: _______ before 10 a.m

Interruption of the rental period _____________________________

Payment method and due date of rent / rent

The deposit is ………… € and must be paid before moving in (check-in) by bank transfer and successfully credited to the Landlord.

The total rent is due to be transferred a) 50% upon booking and b) 50% no later than 30 days before moving in (check-in) to the Landlord's account given below; (or to be paid in cash against receipt only after prior agreement and written consent), or by credit card before moving in (check-in), or by Paypal to the landlord's account "".

Bank details landlord

Account holder: OSTENRIED FINANCIAL CONSULTING, Alfred Ostenried

IBAN: DE18733699180000067598 , BIC: GENODEF1OKI

House Rules / Terms and Conditions
Our current house rules and general terms and conditions apply, which can be found in the holiday apartment or holiday home. The following points can be regulated, for example, via house rules:
• Rights of use shared bathroom / shared kitchen etc.
• Quiet times / night times / midday rest
• Cleaning / closing times

Additional information, e.g. on animal husbandry

• Quiet times / night times / midday rest
• Liability / duty of supervision
• Consequences of not observing the regulation
Unauthorized, foreign overnight guests (humans and animals) are not tolerated. In the event of an infringement, the “double” overnight rate will be charged or, alternatively, check-in will be refused.

termination of tenancy

According to § 542 BGB, the guest undertakes to hand over the premises provided to him in perfect condition to the landlord after the end of the rental period. All keys are to be returned to the landlord. Lost keys and their replacement costs are 100% at the expense of the tenant.

right of termination
If the tenant violates legal regulations and contractual agreements, the landlord makes use of his special right of termination and terminates the contract extraordinarily with a statutory period of 3 days.

A unilateral and free cancellation by the guest of this binding booking is excluded (exception force majeure).
With his signature, the guest agrees to have read and accepted the legal provisions of the accommodation contract, the house rules and the landlord's general terms and conditions. The accommodation contract is based on German travel law.

Both parties agree and confirm their respective consent to the legal validity (legal force) that this accommodation contract may also be drawn up, concluded and transmitted by telephone via email and/or Whatsapp.

Place, date, signature tenant

Place, date, signature of landlord

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